Welcome to the Tonic micro-framework library

If you are seeing this message, then everything is working as expected.

The Tyrell namespace contains some example Resource classes to get you started.

Hello world - src/Tyrell/Hello.php

Hello world - Get the default representation of the hello world example

Hello HTML - Get the HTML representation

Hello JSON - Get the JSON representation

Bonjour - Say hello in French

Hello mars - Say hello to mars

Deckard - Say hello to Rick Deckard

Roy - Say hello to Roy Batty

Simple HTTP authentication - src/Tyrell/Secret.php

Secure a single resource method - use aUser/aPassword to see the secret

Secure an entire resource - use aUser2/aPassword2 to see the secret

Make sure you read the README.markdown file.

If you require a full example, checkout the "example" branch from the Tonic git repo.